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    How To Be Lucky (for school & college audiences, year 10 or over, or adult community audiences)

    How to be Lucky is the interactive workshop and play that is the result of dozens of interviews with Re-settled Syrians and with their UK support workers.

    We share and explore with our audiences the physical and psychological realities of displacement from one’s home country because of civil war and the impact it has on individuals and families. 

    Please have a look at these two short (3 mins) excerpts & reflection videos for reflections:





    The principal character in our production is a Syrian man named Anwar and he shares his story of how his family’s life moved from idyllic peace, through chaos and onto the new reality of living in the UK. His story is an amalgamation and synthesis of the many stories told to us by Syrian refugees during our research. 

    Breaking between performed action, audience conversation and group exercises, over the course of the piece we weave between Anwars story and sections of direct conversation with the audience about the wider topic of what it might mean to be a refugee today 


    Taster #1:

    Taster: #2 


    Without doubt the most engaging outside agency I have ever seen. Our year 10's were hooked and involved throughout
    Head of year 10
    Sheffield Secondary school